Technological and societal changes put pressure on organisations and their employees and cause work-related issues. This context challenges us to seek for new ways of working and to research the role of demotion. Therefore, there is a need for knowledge and insights into the concept demotion Career theories, tournament theory and organisational justice theory contain several dimensions of the so called hard and soft line within HR.

These schools of thought within HR influence the employer’s comprehension of demotion. The diverse theories evoke questions in a demotion context: “what could possibly be the contribution of demotion to the organisation and does the employer perceive demotion as an obstacle or as an opportunity”? To be able to answer these questions this dissertation studies the demotion concept, analyses the motives for practicing and not practicing demotion and studies the occurrence of demotion in Belgium.

Tanja onderzoekt in dit doctoraat wat demotie precies is, hoe vaak het voorkomt en wat de motieven zijn van HR-professionals om demotie al dan niet toe te passen. Het doctoraat is enkel verkrijgbaar in het Engels.

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